Now it’s time to tell people about your business. This can be via the press and media, through a tweet or post on social media or on your website. There are so many ways to reach people – it can be overload – we work with you to help your business to be heard in the right places. We make sure that the way you communicate is consistent.


Press and Media play a vital part in raising awareness of your brand, business, product, people. We play the part of translating your brand and all that is good about it – to the appropriate media. We think carefully about who will be interested in what you are doing – not everyone will be. We do not send out mass distribution press releases – we target what we do, based on who will be reading it – consumer, trade – retail or food service, lifestyle, women’s, business – and the relevant regional media. Online and offline, television, radio and whatever new media pops up! These are who we talk to on your behalf. We will be representing you, so must completely understand what you are all about before we start working together – whether on a project or a regular monthly basis.


Social Media is an ever growing part of brand communication with ever increasing channels to communicate through. We recognise the need for specialist skills to ensure that our clients make the most of all communication opportunities. You can of course do social media in-house and where needed, we can support in a starting-out way – but we firmly believe in delivering what we are best at and recommending trusted partners for specialist skills. We can always work alongside your in-house team or any selected agency. If you are looking for us to recommend an agency – we work with Brilliant Social Media and can make an introduction as required. We feel that PR and social media are intrinsically linked and we need to work together, to ensure that everything is always communicated in the  most effective way for your particular business via the most effective channels.


Online means so many things – not just websites but ecommerce, CRM systems, data management, apps, google advertising – really just about anything that can be developed online. We could not do this without the expertise of trusted agencies. Website specifications and costs can vary greatly and we try to match client needs to the right agencies. We currently work with Lighthouse, Visual Works and Paton Tupper, but as always can work with your selected agency to ensure that you end up with the solution that you need. We can feel assured that we can work with clients to deliver the complex solutions through to much simpler online requirements – with the back-up of constant research, development and product innovation. In addition to this, these agencies do not talk in ‘techie-jargon’ so clients can clearly understand what they are being sold! Our role can simply be an introduction or an involvement in project management or a second opinion. Copy is where we come in – and this is often the aspect that holds up a website launching – we like to work on this during the development process and not be tagged on at the end…