Meet for Coffee and Cake?
My mother-in-law makes superb homemade cakes for our conference centre (and biscuits) so popping into Monkhouse is not just for coffee. We have an open-door policy if clients wish to call in to chat about something with us. If you are meeting us for the first time, you are always welcome to Shropshire – we can come to London, or meet wherever is convenient. We do like clients to see where we work from and meet the team – we feel that this always helps with understanding how we work. We also like to see our clients in their setting –┬áto understand them better. This is particularly important where food production is involved – we need to know how it is done, if we are to represent you to the media. So much of what we do can be done via phone and email but these meetings at the outset are vital, before decisions are made about working together.


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