This is about making things happen – you may have been thinking about starting a business, taking your business to the next stage or planning for takeover or merger with another business. You will need to plan the strategy, develop content for all communication and design the right elements to convey your business. We can help you!


Strategy is all about planning. We like planning. Being organised helps with everything – this way everyone achieves more for their investment whatever part of the business it involves. We appreciate that everything cannot be planned precisely but at least an outline plan and some key objectives will start us all off. Without this, money and time are wasted. Our aim is to ensure that all of the work that we do underpins your overall business objectives and so understanding these and working with you to achieve them, makes what we do valuable and rewarding for you – and us! Strategy can be on differing levels, dependent on size of business and resource – but all businesses should have some planning in place. Without plans, objectives and a level of structure to what you are doing – our time will not be a good investment for your business. We can help you to put this in place and then support you in delivery. The better the results the more fun it is!!!

Design that looks good is not always right. It is all about looking good in the right place and engaging the right people. Are you a business to business only brand or are you trying to shout from the already crowded retailer shelves. Is your product in a fast moving category where you need to update seasonally, or a slower moving traditional area? Are you engaging children, mothers, everyone..? Once we have understood your brand and where you hope to sell – we will work with you to advise on how to develop the right brand for you effectively. We are not designers but we clearly understand the value of design in brand communication. We can work with your selected agency or recommend agencies that we know well – for you to make your selection. We can then simply ‘hand you over’ to them – or help to manage the design development process with your agency as part of the team. We will then be there to communicate this finished brand for you.

The design examples on this website are from agencies that we know well – Hurricane Design, Visual Works, Paton Tupper – we can share their details and make an introduction, based on your requirements.

Content is often something that the business is bursting with but does not know how to communicate in a focused way to the relevant audience. Other times businesses do not think that some of the parts of what they do will be of interest – what is every day to you, is interesting to those who may wish to do business with you. It is not just the content but the way that it is communicated – press releases are different to online content and different again to brochures. Tone of voice is important – are you a formal corporate, a friendly personable artisan producer or perhaps a larger business looking to engage in a more relaxed tone. Whatever the business – it is about what you wish to communicate and to who – this leads how we approach the content for the appropriate media.